Together for Tilburg!

We’re not the only party in Tilburg devoted to making a difference in the city. Some others do this by helping us with an activity, but some, like companies and organisations, do this by supporting us in what we do. 

We cooperate with the Tilburg University Cantus to make study- and student associations aware of the social awareness the TUC yields. Every year, each attendant has to have made him- or herself useful socially in order to be present at the Cantus.
Serve the City also collaborates with ContourdeTwern. ContourdeTwern is the centre for volunteers and informal care in Tilburg, and works according to the motto ‘Everyone counts, everyone joins’. They support us through offering us space, financial means and expertise. Take a look at if you’re interested in structurally volunteering in a variety of areas!
Academic Forum is the place for exchanging and closely studying current topics that matter in science, society and people's lives. Basic premise: the university is more than a place where academic knowledge and skills are developed. Academic training entails more than just a transfer of knowledge. Serve the City fully agrees. The Academic Forum supports us within Tilburg University.
Tilburg is full of associations and non-profit organizations that improve social and cultural life. Supporting local projects is one of the different ways the Rabobank shows commitment. Rabobank Tilburg has been an enthusiastic sponsor since the establishment of Serve the City Tilburg and invests in us when it’s necessary. For more information, take a look at
Serve the City Tilburg is a part of the policy paper ‘Tilburg Studentenstad’, which translates to ‘The student city Tilburg’.
Café Bolle is Serve the City Tilburg’s favourite hangout. This is where we occasionally host a drink for our volunteers. The café also houses an ideal meeting room. Last but not least, Bolle offers delicious drinks and snacks!
Fractie Front makes a maximal effort on behalf of the Tilburg University students’ best interest. Their most important task is to represent the students in the University Council, multiple faculty councils and in consultations with organizations, both locally and nationally.
The Campuscafé is located at the Tilburg University campus and offers students a relaxing spot in their hectic lives to have a nice drink. The café is run by and for students. Drinks are, naturally, sold for student-friendly prices. It’s a very suitable place for associations to host drinks or events.