Activities January

Baking pancakes at Villa pardoes

On January 4, we as a board baked pancakes at Villa Pardoes. It was very nice to see the children and parents enjoying the pancakes so much and they were also very tasty. We liked it so much that we are going to do this activity several more times with Serve the Kids and Serve the Brave.

Gepidae 24 hour volleybal tournament
The volleyball tournament took place on January 13 and january 14. It was a very successful tournament. Unfortunately we did not win, but we played a very nice tournament together with study associations Complex and Input in a team. To distinguish ourselves from the rest, we put glitter on our faces and became the glitter team. Serve the City was one of the charities of the Gepidae volleyball tournament and on January 14 we were able to receive a wonderful amount of 1425 euros. All credit to Gepidae for organizing this tournament and raising such a nice amount!

Blue Monday
To put a positive spin on Blue Monday, Serve the Wisdom handed out apples and cards on January 15 at the locations of the Fontys journalism studies and Fontys teacher studies, where the card could be written to someone who could use a helping hand. Many students were happy with the apple and passed the card on to a friend. Do you know someone who could use a helping hand? Then come get a card at our boardroom (E.205)!

La Trappe
For several years we have had a partnership with La Trappe. Last year La Trappe had several actions to raise money for Serve the City, among other things. Some of those actions included specialty beer tasting boards and selling oliebollen during New Year’s Eve. Tips from tours at brewery de Koningshoeven also go to Serve the City. On January 23, we were able to receive a check from La Trappe for as much as €13,313.50! This money was all raised through the above mentioned actions and we as Serve the City are very happy with this and the good cooperation we have had for a number of years and hopefully can continue for years to come! With this money we can put up a very nice activity which hopefully will make a lot of people happy, so thank you La Trappe!

Walking with Tongerlose Hoef
On January 24, Serve the Brave and the board took a walk at the Tongerlose Hoef. This was very pleasant and along the way we had nice conversations with the residents of the Tongerlose Hoef. This was definitely worth repeating and therefore we will definitely do walk with them several more times!

Future activities…

Every tuesday 10:30-12:30 walking with elderly people at nursing home Boshuis
February 5       IKook – cooking with elderly people
February 7       SAMbal
February 7       IKook – cooking with elderly people
February 14     Decorating cookies with elderly people – Serve the Grey
February 19     Clean up Day – Serve the Wisdom
February 20     IKook – cooking with elderly people
February 29     IKook – cooking with elderly people

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