Activities February


On February 7, the first edition of the SAMbal took place, which was organized by student party SAM. Part of the proceeds are donated to Serve the City and with this we can organize all kinds of fun activities! Furthermore, it was a very successful evening and everyone enjoyed it. All credit to student party SAM for organizing this fun evening!

Valentine’s day activity
On Valentine’s Day, Serve the Grey distributed roses at nursing home the Koningsvoorde. This was a very successful activity and the residents were very happy with the roses they received. They said that they had been talking about love all day and that this was a nice addition to their conversations. In this way we were able to bring a smile to the faces of the residents of the Koningsvoorde nursing home. 

Clean Up Day
After the success of the previous edition, we organized another clean-up day on Monday, February 19, in cooperation with Bori. With the help of VSA and (day) volunteers we picked up trash in the Leijpark and surrounding areas. No sunshine this time, but equally full garbage bags!

February Congress
On February 26, the February congress took place in the Koning Willem II stadium. We were there at the break market and people could have a chat with us about Serve the City between the workshops and speakers. We had some interesting conversations with people and overall it was an interesting and useful evening. We want to thank the February Congress for organizing this evening!

Walking with the elderly
Every Tuesday from 10:30-12:30 we enjoy a pleasant walk together with the elderly of Boshuis de Wever. After the walk we drink a cup of coffee or tea together and have a nice chat. Would you like to join us for a walk?
Register now via the link!

Future activities…

Every tuesday 10:30-12:30 walking with elderly people at nursing home Boshuis
March 2       Bachelor Open day Information Market
March 3       ASVZ Game day – Serve the Brave
March 4       IKook – cooking with elderly people
March 12     Board interest drink
March 12     Internal activity
March 13     Activity with Traverse x Navigators
March 13     IKook – cooking with elderly people
March 15     NLdoet
March 19     IKook – cooking with elderly people
March 21     Etiquettediner
(expected) March 22     Mosque tour – Serve the Wisdom x MSA
March 25     IKook – cooking with elderly people
March 28     IKook – cooking with elderly people
March 29     Walking with Tongerlose Hoef

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