Covid-19 help

Written by Ashley van den Adel Last March, students of Serve the City Tilburg were helping people during the coronacrisis. This has been very well received, but unfortunately the numbers are on the rise again, and we can [...]

Board VIII

Written by Ashley van den Adel On the first of August, the eighth board of Serve the City Tilburg took office and has been busy. During the TOPweek you could find us at the Explore Fair 013 and the social media channels where [...]

Serve the C(ake)ity

Written by Anne-Lin van Gelder On April 17, we called on students to bake for King’s Day / Stay Home Day. The most beautiful pastry would win eternal fame on our social media. 🙂 We found the most beautiful cake on the [...]


Are you now also a pro in baking banana bread? Are the necessary kilos already there because you always know how to surpass yourself with making tasty things? Do you also think we shouldn’t skip Willy’s birthday [...]

Project: ONS Soepje

Written by Anne-Lin van Gelder For the ONS Soepje project we have been supplying volunteers every day for a few weeks to come and help. These volunteers help both in the kitchen and with the administration and delivery. [...]

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