Activities April


On Friday, April 5, Serve the Wisdom along with a number of participants
joined the Iftar organized at community center het Kruispunt. We did not really know what to expect but it has exceeded our expectations! There was a lot of and especially delicious food. It was a successful evening and a special experience for all of us. 

TUC for Tilburg day
On April 10, the TUC for Tilburg day took place. This is a day when many students do something for the city. This way students can give something back to the city they study in. In the morning we went with the board to the opening of TUC for Tilburg day. As Serve the City Tilburg we of course also participated in this day. We went for a walk with a large group of students at day care the Tongerlose Hoef. The weather was lovely, so that was convenient. It was very pleasant and also a nice initiative to get students more socially involved.

Anniversary of MOVE
On April 16, we were invited by MOVE to join them in celebrating their 15th anniversary. We traveled to Utrecht in the afternoon to attend several workshops to think about society and being socially involved. This was very fun and interesting. Among other things, there was a ball pit that participants could sit in to playfully discuss social issues. We would like to thank MOVE for the invitation and the interesting afternoon.

Experience your future informationmarkt
The Experience your future information market was also held on April 16. This was organized by Complex and SPS NIP for psychology students. We were also present at this information market to give the students more information about what exactly we do at Serve the City and what, among other things, they could come and do with us if they were interested. We talked to a lot of people and had good conversations. All in all, it was a successful information market.

Music bingo
On April 17, a music bingo was organized by Serve the Grey for the residents of Boshuis de Wever nursing home. People enjoyed singing along with all the fun songs and of course there were prizes to be won for the residents if they had bingo. At the end of the bingo there were also medals and a chocolate for all the residents who participated to thank them for their participation and enthusiasm. It was a very fun activity and everyone had a great time.

Baking pancakes at Villa Pardoes
On April 18 Serve the Brave went to bake pancakes at Villa Pardoes. This was great fun and also very successful. The pancakes went down very well with everyone. It was very nice to see the children and parents enjoying the pancakes and we also enjoyed them very much!

Future activities…

Every tuesday 10:30-12:30 walking with elderly people at nursing home Boshuis
May 3     Enactus Tilburg Charity Gala
May 5     Seniors Liberation day Festival – Serve the Grey
6 May     IKook – cooking with the elderly
May 6     Guided tour at La Trappe – Serve the Grey
May 7     TUC Board Cantus
May 8      IKook – cooking with the elderly
May 9      Ascension Day
May 15    Green City Tour – Serve the Wisdom
15 May    Serve the Dinner x T.S.V. Plato
15 May    Serve the City Pubquiz
16 May    Night University – Serve the Wisdom
21 May    IKook – cooking with the elderly
24 May    ASVZ Gala – Serve the Brave
27 May    IKook – cooking with the elderly
May 29    Brabants Maatjes BBQ
May 31    Walking with Tongerlose Hoef – Serve the Brave

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