In a committee you organize activities for the chosen target group together with other students. Everyone has their own task to do: someone controls money, someone takes notes during gatherings, someone is responsible for the visibility, and much more! Activities can be big or small; be a benefit action, an awareness activity or an event where you do something for the target group. Everything is possible! As a committee you bring a smile to the faces of the people in your target group anyway.

Volunteer for a day

Busy with your study, sports club or do you simply not have much time but still want to contribute to society? That is also possible! As a volunteer for a day, we will send you a message when we are short of hands and need help with the planned activities. You are not involved in organizing, but you are assisting during these activities. You're not able to help that day? No problem! As a day volunteer you are free to decide when and whether you want to help with an activity or not. All support and help is welcome!

Group dynamics

In addition to wanting to do something great for Tilburg, we also think it is important that students can get the most out of their student life. That is why we also organize fun activities within and between committees in order to strengthen mutual ties. This way you can not only be useful, but also get to know new friends and expand your social network!

Zou je Serve the City Tilburg een handje willen helpen?

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