General information

Within a committee you organize activities with other students. Being a committee member means that you will have a meeting once in two weeks and you will spend around 2 hours a week in your committee work. Committee members deal with the content of the activities, finding locations, promotion of the activities and acquisition.

On this page we will update you about our committees and if you can still join the committee. All the committees are (temporary) closed!

For more information:

Serve the Grey
Led by Job van de Louw

Serve the Grey committee members will organize all the activities regarding (lonely) elderly, both in care homes and in independent homes.

On-going activities:

  • Walking with elderly from care homes. Sign up here:

Serve the Kids
Led by Ashley van den Adel

This committee will organize all activities regarding children with unequal opportunities. Those activities are for young children as well as for teenagers.

Serve the Homeless
Led by Elien Blaauw

Serve the Homeless consists a few target groups. In general we serve people who don’t have a solid place to stay. Think about refugees, homeless people and woman (and their children) who are victims of sexual abuse.

Serve the Brave
Led by Nienke Post

Serve the Brave focuses at people with a physical and/or mental disability and chronically ill people.

Serve the Green
Led by: Femke Kok

Serve the Green is all about sustainability, the environment and creating awareness among students about climate change and reuse.

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