Activities March

Bachelor Open Day Tilburg University

On Saturday, March 2, the bachelor open day of Tilburg University took place. We were here on behalf of Serve the City Tilburg at the information market to inform future students about what fun and useful things you can do at Serve the City Tilburg and for whom we organize activities. We talked to several people about this and we had very interesting conversations with them.

ASVZ Game Day
On Sunday, March 3, we organized a Mario kart game afternoon together with ASVZ. Young and old played against and with each other and this was a lot of fun to see. 8 people went through to the semi-finals and from this 4 people went through to the finals. It was very exciting, but in the end a winner was crowned. At the end we had a medal for everyone for their hard work and the enthusiasm they showed during the game afternoon. It was very nice to see how much fun everyone got out of this activity.

Internal activity
We also had our internal activity with our committee volunteers on March 12. For this activity we went to play pool. Some competition took place between the different teams, but this provided excitement and fun. This was a very fun activity to do and we all enjoyed it. 

Activity with the Navigators
On Wednesday, March 13, we organized an activity together with the Navigators. we organised a game afternoon at nursing home Bijsterstede the Weaver. There were several games, such as shuffleboard and there was also the possibility to make balloon figures! It was very nice to do this together with the elderly and nice conversations arose between the students and the elderly. 

On March 15, we participated with the board in NLDoet, an annual volunteer day in the Netherlands. As an activity, we made the common indoor and outdoor areas in nursing home Satijnhof look their Easter best by making Easter decorations (together with the residents) and planting plants. It was a very pleasant, successful day!

Every year, together with Fraction Front, we organize the etiquette dinner. On this evening, between courses, the etiquettes of dining are explained by rector magnificus Wim van de Donk.
By buying a ticket, guests contribute to the organising of an activity of Serve the City Tilburg. This year the choice was made to use the amount raised for the Amarant weekend! 

Future activities…

Every tuesday 10:30-12:30 walking with elderly people at nursing home Boshuis
April 1          IKook – cooking with elderly people
April 5          Iftar – Serve the Wisdom
April 8          IKook – cooking with elderly people
April 10        Tuc for Tilburg Day
April 16        IKook – cooking with elderly people
April 16        Experience your future informationmarkt
April 17        Music bingo – Serve the Grey
April 18       Baking pancakes – Serve the Brave x Villa Pardoes
April 25       IKook – cooking with elderly people
April 27       Kingsday
April 30       IKook – cooking with elderly people

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