‘Leergeld’ Foundation Fundraising

On Tuesday 11 May the time had come: we could finally hand over the many filled backpacks to Stichting Leergeld Tilburg. Two Serve the City committees, Serve the Homeless and Serve the Kids, have been involved in this fundraiser for three weeks. By approaching the university, secondary schools, association boards and supermarkets, they have managed to fill almost 50 backpacks with school supplies! These backpacks consisted of: a filled pencil case (with pens, typex, erasers, markers, pencils and glue), various exercise books (large, small and checkered), a large folder, small folders with inserts, cover paper, stretchable covers, triangle, compass, scissors and a notepad. In addition to these backpacks, we also have about 20 boxes or crates left, filled with loose school materials. All these backpacks and school materials are well received by the Leergeld Foundation for children under the poverty line, who are making the transition from primary to secondary school.

Besides the fact that we received a lot of material, there was also a benefit activity that raised money to buy new backpacks. We also raised money by returning empty bottles. This way we can offer the children a good, sturdy backpack that can last for at least a few years.

In addition, we have tried to make people aware of what Stichting Leergeld is already doing on our social media. Thanks to Riet, we were able to put an informative video online about Stichting Leergeld and the filled backpacks.

It was great fun to commit ourselves to the Leergeld Foundation. Not only have we gained new contacts through the fundraiser, but we are also very happy with the result and that we can make so many children happy with the school supplies.

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