‘TUC for Tilburg’ Day

Written by: Ashley van den Adel

Last Monday, May 3, the first TUC for Tilburg Day took place. This is a day to introduce people to volunteering in a light-hearted way. Serve the City Tilburg also committed itself to this, for all target groups.

Serve the Grey: The Serve the Grey committee committed itself by giving chocolates to the elderly and having a chat with them. She also hoped to recruit older people for the Buddy project, which has been going on for a while. In this day there is still a lot of loneliness and such a small gesture means a lot.


Serve the Brave: This committee walked with people from the daytime activities in the morning. ‘Volunteers for a day’ have also signed up for this and were able to walk! The weather was nice and people enjoyed the outdoors.

Serve the Green: Committee members and ‘volunteers for a day’ were able to help by collecting rubbish near the university. We want to make residents of Tilburg more aware of their environment and make Tilburg a bit cleaner. We believe this has worked out well!


Serve the Kids x Serve the Homeless: These two committees worked together for TUC for Tilburg! That week they also organized a large fundraising campaign for Stichting Leergeld, and this activity fitted well with that! The committees sat in the Spoorpark to pimp up backpacks and to collect even more school supplies. In addition, they also collected and disposed empty bottles: also good for the environment!


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