Activities July

In the month of July there were again many fun activities organized. Curious about the activities? Then read on!


Thanking La Trappe

On July 3rd we stopped by La Trappe Koningshoeven to express our appreciation. This past college year, La Trappe not only sponsored us, but we also got to experience a tour of their brewery on three occasions. Together with seniors from Met je Hart Tilburg we were given tours followed by a delicious lunch.

We are extremely grateful to La Trappe and look forward to continuing our cooperation next year. Cheers!


Bowling with DIO

On July 4, Serve the Brave ventured into deep water and went bowling with swim club DIO. DIO organizes swimming lessons every Saturday morning for children and on Sunday mornings for adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Together with supervisors, the committee members helped with the bowling, which sometimes turned out to be quite a challenge! Because how do you actually bowl when you are completely blind? With some help it was still a great success and the day ended with a communal meal!


 Amarant Weekend

Just like last year, Serve the Brave was able to organize the Amarant weekend again on July 8 and 9! Spread over two days, about 300 clients, supervisors, loved ones and employees of Amarant were welcomed at the Daniël de Brouwerpark.

Each time slot started with a circus act by two real circus artists and continued with workshops outside the tent. In addition to the activities, there was also an ice cream stand, craft table and a professional face painting/grime artist. Thanks in part to the proceeds from the Etiquettedinner, we were able to shape this fantastic event!


Murder mystery at OCL
On July 11, Serve the Kids and Serve the Brave organized a game of real life Cluedo for 71 children. The children of the Onderwijs Centrum Leijpark were able to collect hints about a stolen object by completing tasks with the thirteen volunteers who were hiding in the school. It was a fun and challenging afternoon where they worked well together to track down the thief!


Goodbye bestuur X

As of today, August 1, we as the tenth board are resigning our duties and Board XI is taking over from us. We have enjoyed the past year and all the wonderful experiences we have had. The contact with the target groups was a unique experience that we will always remember.

We have immense confidence in our successors and wish them all the best!



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