Bike project Serve the Kids

In Tilburg there are many children who do not have enough money to buy their own bicycle. That is why Serve the Kids is setting up a bike project together with Stichting Leergeld to help these children with a bicycle. Stichting Leergeld is an organization that helps children by giving them stuff they need every day at school for which they do not have enough money to buy it themselves. Stichting Leergeld also attracts these children to extracurricular and in-school activities. Therefore, they provide the children with financial and material support. At the moment, about 150 children are on the waiting list to get their hands on a bicycle. These are children from 4 to 18 years old. Do you have a children’s bicycle at home and would you like to help one of the children getting a bike? Then join our project! If you do are not able to donate a bike, we also accept bicycle accessories. Think, for example, of bicycle lights or a tire repair kit. The project runs until May 2022 and the items van be delivered to thrift shop La Poubelle in Tilburg.

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