Board IX takes the floor: Jorine van Gasteren – Treasurer

Serve the City Tilburg is looking for its 10th board! Are you interested in a year on the board and are you curious about our functions within our board? Then read on and keep an eye on our socials and website, because in the coming days each board member will have her say. They will share their experiences about their year at Serve the City Tilburg and explain what their function entails. Today it is our Treasurer’s turn.

Enthusiastic? Then apply quickly for the 10th board! Send your CV + motivation to before April 11!


Who are you and what is your function within the board?

I am Jorine van Gasteren, 22 years old and the treasurer of Serve the City Tilburg. As treasurer you are responsible for managing the account, such as sending invoices and paying claims. I also make the quarterly financial reports and the annual report. All expenses made by Serve the City are approved by the treasurer. In addition, I coordinate two committees: Serve the Homeless and Serve the Gentle. Serve the Homeless is a committee dedicated to helping people without a permanent or safe home or those living below the poverty line. The second committee, Serve the Gentle, is a new committee. This committee is committed to reducing loneliness among Tilburg residents for one year.


Why did you start doing a board year? And is it easy to combine with other obligations?

I found out about Serve the City through social media and decided to spend a year on the board of Serve the Homeless. That year, despite corona, we were able to organize many wonderful collections. During the year I noticed that I became more and more enthusiastic and wanted more responsibilities. That is why I decided to apply. Fortunately, the position of treasurer itself does not take up as much time as some other positions within Serve the City. Besides this function, I am working on finishing my bachelor in Psychology and I work around 24 hours a week. I also have meetings every other week with my two committees. All this together is occasionally very busy for me, but it has always been possible to combine.

Why did you choose Serve the City to do a board year, and not another association?

I joined Serve the City because I wanted to dedicate myself to the welfare of others. From home I was given the opportunity to do voluntary work and I was looking for an organization where I could dedicate myself to good causes. I signed up as a volunteer committee member and during that year I was able to organize many wonderful activities. During my time at Serve the City Tilburg I came into contact with people I would normally never have met. For example, I have a great friendship with a man of 77 years old. What makes Serve the City so fun is the passion with which everyone works. Everyone dedicates themselves for a year to certain target groups and does this with so much enthusiasm.

What did you learn from your year on the board? Would you be able to apply this later on?

A year on the board is a year full of personal development. It is a year in which you often step out of your comfort zone. In the beginning, this is very exciting, but throughout the year you learn to look at new challenges in a very different way. In the beginning I was very nervous about many new things, but now I enjoy all the challenges that come our way. During a board year in the coronapandemie you also learn to think well ahead. Sometimes you have to think creatively to make an activity happen. You also learn to communicate well during your year on the board. Of course, you lead the organization with four others, with whom you must make good agreements and communicate clearly.

What has stuck out to you the most from this (corona) year?

What has stayed with me from this year is how much we can accomplish if we all put in a little effort. Sometimes it’s the little things, like handing out a card or cookies, that make our target groups the most happy. If everyone does something small, we can already make a difference together. I am thinking of the toy collection of Serve the Homeless for children from AZC Gilze. Many friends, family and people who saw the appeal on social media quickly went up to the attic and together they raised a fantastic amount of money which the AZC and the children were very happy with! Cooking with the elderly has also made an impact on me. It’s great to see what an impact cooking and eating together can have on someone’s day!

What message would you like to give your successor?

I recommend everyone to do a board year! A year at Serve the City Tilburg is very good for your personal development, you meet a lot of interesting people and you also get to organize fun activities! In one year you will build a very special relationship with the rest of your fellow board members and you will get in touch with other students, which has been very nice during the pandemic.

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