Former board member takes the floor: Juul Snijder – Vice Chairman Board 2019-2020

Serve the City Tilburg is looking for its 10th board! Are you interested in a year on the board and are you curious what a year on the board can offer you? Then read on! Today Juul, the vice-chairman of Board 2019-2020 and college student, will tell her story. She tells you about her experience as a board member at Serve the City Tilburg.

Why did you choose to become a board member? And why at Serve the City Tilburg?
I was halfway through my studies when I chose to join Serve the City Tilburg. I was ready for a new challenge besides my studies and wanted to focus on something for a year. When I shared this wish with my peers, I ended up at Serve the City Tilburg. After talking to several directors and volunteers about the organization I immediately knew it suited me. I like being able to do something for someone and I like the fact that at Serve the City Tilburg you can shape your own board year. At almost all organizations there is an agenda with activities that you have to do, but at Serve the City Tilburg this is certainly not the case.

Why did you choose to become vice-chairman?
I chose to be vice-chairman because one of the tasks of this position is to expand the organization to universities of applied sciences. Being a college student myself, I knew well how we could reach out to college students. In addition, I found it a fun challenge to be responsible for acquisition. You make contacts with various organizations and are often busy promoting Serve the City in order to raise funds.

At universities of applied sciences it is less common to do a board year than at universities, partly because it is more difficult to plan your time yourself. How did you combine your board year with school?
I chose to take a gap year. My college studies had a lot of contact hours and group projects, which could not be combined with a year on the board. Because a year on the board of Serve the City is part-time, I also had a job for 16 hours a week. I would advise college students to take a gap year if they want to do a part-time administrative year, because then you can really enjoy all the things you get to experience!

What have you learned from your board year?
A lot! It has been 2.5 years since my board year and I still often apply things I learned that year. Making contacts with organizations, pitching, presenting in front of large groups, leading a committee, organizing events, and so on.

Would you recommend doing an board year to other students at universities of applied sciences?
100%. During a year on the board you have many learning opportunities that you will not have during an internship or at a side job. You are responsible for an entire organization for a year and you learn a lot from that. Because only a few college students do a board year, you will have an advantage when applying for jobs in the future. In addition, you get to know a lot of people, go to the best parties and make lifelong friends (one of my fellow board members has become my roommate!).

Would you like to know more? Send an email to! Do you want to apply? You can apply until April 11 by sending your cover letter and CV to the following email address: and who knows, maybe you will become part of our 10th board!

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