Activities July

In the month of July there are again many fun activities organized. Curious about the activities? Then read on!


Traverse x Serve the Homeless

On Tuesday, June 21, we were with Serve the Homeless at homeless shelter Traverse in Tilburg. In the morning they helped cutting potatoes and cauliflower for a good Dutch meal at Eetcafé De Bron. It was very nice but also instructive because a number of clients came to help. It was nice to see how everyone interacts and is open to each other. In short, a very successful morning and we are planning to go again soon.

Buddy BBQ

On Friday, July 1, the Buddy BBQ organized by Serve the Grey was scheduled for students and seniors (including seniors from Stichting met je Hart Tilburg) to meet. While enjoying good food and drinks the best stories were told and there was a lot of chatting going on. It was a successful afternoon, during which even some students and elderly people were matched for the buddy profile project. This project pairs students and elderly people who meet regularly for coffee or to play a game. Couldn’t you attend the BBQ, but are you still interested in the project? Please send us an email for more information!

Walking with seniors of nursing home Padua

On Monday, July 4, Serve the Grey took a walk with the seniors of Padua nursing home. They walked to the Wandelbos to have lunch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. On the way back they stopped for a delicious ice cream. The elderly and the students enjoyed the long walk immensely!

Amarant Wild West Weekend

In the weekend of July 9 and 10, it was time for the Amarant Wild West Weekend organized by Serve the Brave in collaboration with Amarant! For two days different activities were organized, such as cactus ring toss, a theater show, a campfire, archery, crafts and much more. Because of the various activities, there was a fun activity for all clients at all levels, where they could enjoy themselves and completely immerse themselves in the theme of the weekend. The committee members of Serve the Brave found it a successful activity that was very rewarding!

Last walk Boshuis and Tongerlose Hoef

For Serve the Brave, on Wednesday, July 13 was the last walk with the clients of the Tongerlose Hoef. They ended with a delicious ice cream and a nice walk. For the committee members of Serve the Grey, the last walk also took place. They walked on Tuesday, July 12 for the last time this year with the elderly from the Boshuis nursing home. The committee members of Serve the Brave and Serve the Grey enjoyed this year’s walks and the great stories that came along with them.

Soccer tournament with Ukrainian children

On Wednesday 13 July, Serve the City Tilburg organized a soccer tournament at ‘t Christoffelbosje in Tilburg. Ukrainian refugee children and Dutch children from the neighborhood were invited to play soccer with and against each other. The winners of the tournament received a medal! After the sports part, the children and parents could enjoy Ukrainian and Dutch snacks that our volunteers prepared in the kitchen that the ROC made available. It was a successful activity with a very good turnout!

We are committed to helping the Ukrainian refugees living in Tilburg during this difficult time. We did this not only by organizing a soccer tournament, but we also regularly helped building the locations where the Ukrainian refugees were staying. We cannot solve the war in Ukraine, but we are happy that we can help the Ukrainian refugees in Tilburg with these small things. Of course we hope the war will be over soon. Until that time we will continue to help this group of people.

Tilburg Fair

On Tuesday, July 26, it was time for the very last activity of the year, namely: the fairground activity. On this day we handed out free tickets for carnival rides to children from families who are less fortunate. They cannot afford to go to the fair. In addition to the free rides on fairground rides, they were also given something tasty to eat. Once again, it was a fun activity!

End of the year

The academic year is almost over, which means that our committees are also coming to an end. There have been many great activities last year organized by our committee volunteers. We want to thank all committee members for their enthusiasm and commitment this year! Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at Serve the City Tilburg? Then sign up for next year through the interest form:

Also for our board the end of the year has arrived.  After a year full of great activities and memories for life it is really over. We have enjoyed our year on the board immensely and are very proud of what we and all our volunteers have been able to accomplish. We would like to thank all volunteers who have given their time and energy in the past year as committee- or day volunteers for Serve the City Tilburg. All that remains for us to say is: we wish you lots of success Sanne, Hannah, Inge and Kiara. You are going to do great next year!

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