Activities august

We are busy starting this new (board) year. Curious about the latest activities? Then read on!


From August 10 to 12, we travelled to beautiful Antwerp. Apart from drinking a lot of Antwerp beers, we also worked on our policy plan. Our four pillars this year are: solidarity, stability, diversity and brand awareness. The policy plan will be presented to the RVA on 13 September!




Explore fair

On 23 August we were at the Explore Fair at the university! Here we tried to enthuse new volunteers by using a wheel of fortune. Jelle van Dijk, former treasurer of Board VII, was so kind to support us. The wheel had four colors, each represent

ing a different committee. When the students had turned the wheel, they were asked a question linked to one of the committees, for example: how many lonely elderly are there in the Netherlands (1.9 million by the way!). After answering the question correctly, students could write down their name to win a ‘Tilburg welcome package’, the winner will be announced early next week.


On August 25, a market was organized in the Vrijheidspark, located next to the Muzetuin, where various social organizations came together. At the same time, a festival was organized in the Muzetuin for the TOP week freshmen. Despite the fact that the festival next door was more animated, about 80 tickets for lonely elderly people were written! These tickets will be brought by when the Serve the Grey committee is formed.

Looking forward…

Next Wednesday, on the 7th of September, the TUC will take place! From the TUC organization we will receive a sum of money that we can use for fun activities. Together with other organizations and associations we will enjoy the Tilburgian atmosphere and beautiful songs.

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