Activities september

In the month of September there are again many fun activities organized. Curious about the activities? Then read on!


Looking back on the TUC

On September 7, the 14th edition of the TUC took place! Together with about 2500 other students who volunteered in Tilburg this year, we toasted and sang along loudly with the cantus songs. We want to thank the organization of the Tilburg University Cantus for the nice cooperation and of course the pleasant evening.

 Resto VanHarte

Last Friday, Sanne and Kiara had a delicious dinner at the Tongerlose Hoef during the Volunteer Evening. During this evening food was served by Resto VanHarte. Resto VanHarte is a fantastic organization where volunteers in community restaurants prepare meals and thus combat loneliness in the neighborhood.


Sponsor agreement

As of this academic year, Café de Boekanier will be our new sponsor. On September 21 the contract was officially signed by Tjerk Prince as co-owner of the Boekanier and Kiara our Commissioner PR. We are looking forward to celebrating our constitution drinks and many other activities at the most iconic Café of Tilburg.


Start up committees

Most of interviews with the new committee members have taken place and the commissions are formed. In the coming week dates will be set for the first meeting. In this meeting the activities of last year and next year will be discussed. There will also be a division of tasks within the committee this year. The tasks: chairman, secretary, commissioner PR and treasurer will be divided, in addition we will see if more tasks are needed.



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