Activities november

In the month of oktober there are again many fun activities organized. Curious about the activities? Then read on!


Meet our…

Over the next few months, this year’s board members will be introduced in turn. Briefly we will tell a little about our positions and give a peek into our daily lives!

I’m Inge, 21 years old and studying for my third year of Business Economics. I am from Overijssel, but have been living in Tilburg for 2 years now. Besides Serve the City, I’m also a member of Plato and Gepidae. I also enjoy swimming, drinking with friends and playing (board)games.

This year I will be the treasurer for Serve the City Tilburg. In short, this means that I prepare the annual budget, maintain the financial overview and account for our expenses.

Coalition against loneliness

On Wednesday, November 9th, our Vice President and PR Commissioner traveled to Club Smederij for the networking meeting of the Tilburg Coalition Against Loneliness. This meeting kicked off with several pitches from organizations. During these pitches there were ideas or requests for help that people in the room could respond to. After the pitches, it was time for networking. During the networking we came into contact with several organizations and associations, with some of which we have already had meetings about possible collaborations! We are looking forward to the future activities resulting from these partnerships.


Start-up walking Serve the Grey

On November 8th, the first walk of this year with the elderly of de Wever ‘het Boshuis’ took place. This is a weekly activity that was also enthusiastically received by the elderly last year. The members of Serve the Grey will ‘walk’ every Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m. through the neighboring wooded area.

Are you not getting your steps in or would you simply like to make an elderly person happy? Then sign up to join the walk! You can find the signup form on our instagram page. Together with the elderly you will get some fresh air and at the same time have a nice chat about all kinds of things. Afterwards we always have a cup of tea or coffee to warm up.


Start-up walking Serve the Brave
The weekly walk with the residents of the Tongerlose Hoef have also started up again. Every week on Wednesday or Thursday they walk with a motivated group of sports enthusiasts. The clients can sign up in advance and are then picked up by the committee members of Serve the Brave. Depending on the weather conditions and the preferences of the clients they walk for about one hour around the neighbourhood.



First internal activity
On Thursday, November 24th, it was time for the first internal activity organized by the recently renamed: Serve the Party. Serve the Party is a committee consisting of a number of volunteers who also do another committee within Serve the City Tilburg.

A Centurion was organized at Café de Boekanier in cooperation with sports club Cave Ne Cadas. It was a successful evening where the volunteers got to know each other while enjoying a beer and a greasy snack.


Autumn decorations
The leaves are falling from the trees, the days are getting shorter and it is cold and gray outside, which is why the committee members of Serve the Grey made autumn themed decorations with the seniors of Damast yesterday. With these colorful autumn pieces on the table it’ll curtainly become a lot cozier in their livingrooms!




Looking ahead…
December 6th          Cycling for the environment – Serve the Wisdom
December 3rd          Peppernuts for the Ronald McDonald House – Serve the Brave
December 22nd       Christmas activity – Serve the Kids

Serve the Festivities!
Due to the holidays, we will be taking a short breather from December 24th until January 8th. After this period, we will get back in touch with all those who have messaged us in the meantime.

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