Activities April

In the month of April there were again many fun activities organized. Curious about the activities? Then read on!

Eastercrafts Hazelaar

On April 5, Serve the Brave were again welcomed the Hazelaar for an activity. This time the clients painted chickens in the theme of Easter. The clients were very busy with paint, stickers and glitter. It was amazing to see the creative crafts they made!





Symposium: Sustainability on a budget

Serve the Wisdom organized another symposium this year. The theme was “Sustainability on a budget.” Together with Studium Generale, 2 professors of the University were invited to tell something about this theme from their fields (economics and psychology). This resulted in interesting talks about inequality and sustainable living and the belief system behind meat eating. Elisah Pals also told us something about Zero Waste living!


Eastercrafts Kids

On April 5, Serve the Kids committee members did crafts with children who are connected to Jongerenwerk R-Newt. Together they put together several Easter crafts at Spijkerbeemden community center, including painting eggs and coloring pages.



Elderly and Buddy speeddaten

On April 5, Serve the Grey had a speed dating dinner with 6 seniors from Het Laar. This was a project organized by three students from the Odulphuslyceum in cooperation with R-newt. For each dish or drink, the students of Serve the Grey switched to a new elderly person, so that at the end of the evening all elderly people had spoken once. It was a successful evening with delicious food and good conversations!



Tour and lunch at La Trappe

On May 12, the elders of the Foundation ‘Met je hart’ were again invited to the La Trappe proeflokaal. They had a delicious lunch and an extensive tour!



King’s day Ukraine

For King’s Day, Serve the Kids organized another activity at the Ukraine shelter. Together with day volunteers they played several classic old Dutch games, such as shuffleboard, can throwing and sack races. Two day volunteers fortunately spoke Ukrainian, so communication went very smoothly. Other locations were also invited this time and the activity was a great success!



Mobility scooter course 

On April 25, Serve the Brave received a mobility scooter course organized by Toegankelijk Tilburg. Because of this course, committee members will soon be able to help provide similar courses to residents of Tilburg.

Unfortunately, many people with mobility scooters do not have the courage to use them much or at all. That is a shame. With an extra course we hope to make these people more confident again and to ensure that everyone can go wherever they want!



TUCforTilburg day

On the 26th of April it was the TUCforTilburg day. On this day groups of students throughout Tilburg volunteer for different groups in the city. We organized a games afternoon where elderly people and children came together to play shuffleboard, do crafts, decorate cupcakes and more!




Looking Forward…
May 1st                  Discoparty at Quiet – Serve the Kids
May 2nd                Games afternoon at ASVZ – Serve the Brave
May 3rd                 Activity at ‘Huiskamer voor pleegkinderen’- Serve the Kids
(Living room for foster children)
May 5th                 Seniors liberation festival- Serve the Grey
May 7th                 Watch, Do and Experience Event Amarant Rijsbergen – Serve the Brave
May 10th               Helping at the ‘wandeldriedaagse’ Hazelaar – Serve the Brave
May 15th               Serve the Dinner – Serve the Grey x PlatoMay
May 17th               Picnic get together – Serve the Wisdom x Umbrella Association
May 21st               Clean up day – Serve the Wisdom

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