Activities May

In the month of May there were again many fun activities organized. Curious about the activities? Then read on!


Discoparty at Quiet

Serve the Kids hosted a disco party on May 1, in partnership with Quiet. The party was held in the evening for 70 children aged 9 to 12. At R-Newt, they had a perfect space in the basement of their headquarters with a sound system and lights. The kids could request their own songs and there were beverages and snacks. It was funny to see that the taste in music was completely different from the music we listened to at that age!


Games at ASVZ

On May 2, Serve the Brave organized a games afternoon at a residential group of ASVZ in Udenhout. Equipped with a shuffleboard, a game of memory, can throwing and ring throwing we left to entertain the clients! Especially the memory games and shuffleboard were popular. With some coffee, tea or lemonade afterwards, we were able to offer the residents a fun and active afternoon!


‘Huiskamer voor Pleegouders’

Serve the Kids organized its first activity with ‘Huiskamer voor Pleegouders’ / Living Room for Foster Parents on May 3. Together with the children, they played bocce and soccer outside in the sunshine, among other games!


Seniors Liberation Festival

On May 5, Serve the Grey hosted the Senior Citizen Liberation Festival in partnership with the StudentenBevrijdingsFestival (SBF) and Oma’s Soep. It was a fun morning that brought students and seniors together on the SBF grounds to have a conversation about freedom. Over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, great conversations were established between the two generations!


Look, Do and Experience

On May 7, Serve the Brave helped organize the Look, Do and Experience days at Amarant location Rijsbergen. During this afternoon the clients were challenged to participate in activities at an adjusted level. The clients could hit virtual moles with a projector, rummage around on a ‘magic table’, play shuffleboard and do crafts.


‘Wandeldriedaagse’ at the Hazelaar

Originally Serve the Brave was to help organize a day in the walking days event at the Hazelaar on may 10th. Unfortunately the weather threw a spanner in the works. Instead, old Dutch games were played inside with the residents.

To give the afternoon even more atmosphere, performers were also present in old Dutch dress costumes with old-fashioned instruments.



                                            Picknick get together

Together with Umbrella, the Queer student organization in Tilburg, Serve the Wisdom organized a Picnic get together on May 17. Present at the Picnic was an LGBTQ+ rights activist who had spoken the day before at a symposium organized by Shelter City and Umbrella. During the Picnic, games were played and snacks that were brought were eaten. In the sunshine, attendees were able to ask questions and get to know each other better!

Clean up Day

Around March, Serve the Wisdom came in contact with Bori via vrijwilligerspunt Tilburg, she wanted to organize a Clean Up day. In a small subcommittee this idea was further developed and with incentives and garbage bags they went to tackle the garbage! In the end about 25 people cleaned up the park on May 21, and afterwards ate pizza and played games. And of course the pizza boxes were thrown in the garbage afterwards


 La Trappe

Monday, May 22, marked the last time a tour at La Trappe was scheduled. Serve the Grey together with 10 elderly people enjoyed a tour and lunch at the Koningshoeven. We would like to thank La Trappe for these wonderful activities, we enjoyed them immensely!

Mobility scooter course

After receiving a mobility scooter tutorial on April 25, it was time for the first course on May 26! Together with Toegankelijk Tilburg, Serve the Brave was able to help a lady who found various exercises difficult to perform with her mobility scooter. Through this course the lady will hopefully be able to use her mobility scooter more.
Looking forward…
June 6                 Fontys Visibility Day – Stappegoor
June 7                 Petje Af x Ontdekkingsstation013 – Serve the Kids
June 14               Petje Af x Ontdekkingsstation013 – Serve the Kids
June 15               Serve the Dinner – Serve the Grey
June 16               Children’s Festival – Serve the Kids
June 17               Outing Beekse Bergen x Ukraine shelter – Serve the Kids
June 20               Sustainability-morning Campus013 – Serve the Wisdom
June 21               Music bingo – Serve the Grey

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